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H&M launching new activewear line to “democratise sportswear”

Fashion retailer H&M will launch a new line of sportswear called H&M Move globally on August 4 to present a more accessible vision of movement by redefining movement as movement.

Available in 2,500 H&M stores and online from August 4, H&M Move offers “stylish and functional sportswear” that supports men, women and children of all abilities and skills to “move in comfort and confidence.

Simon Brown, managing director of H&M Move, said in a statement.” H&M Move is a movement brand. We are here to celebrate movement and invite the world to move. Removing barriers to movement is at the heart of our goals, starting with the democratization of sportswear.”

H&M Move will offer a variety of affordable apparel designed to bounce, flex, jump and flow. The first, dubbed Move Essentials, will include functional tops, lightweight jackets, jumpers and bras, as well as items designed specifically for training and running, plus outerwear and yoga mats. In addition, the H&M Move Monogram collection includes a range of sportswear with sports logos and reflective details.

H&M launches new sportswear collection offering sustainable, stylish and functional sportswear

The fashion retailer said the collection will feature four exclusive materials that combine “innovative design with sophisticated technology and a simple naming system” to give customers a quick and clear understanding of how the material will help them move.

DryMove helps keep moisture away from the skin during exercise, ShapeMove provides extra support with “no show” benefits when lifting and stretching, SoftMove is super soft and provides extra support during exercise, and StormMove is wind and rain resistant and breathable no matter what the weather.

H&M added that as part of its goal to have all materials used by the group either recycled or more sustainably sourced by 2030, H&M Move will introduce nearly 85% sustainability, with higher than 99% of polyether sourcing starting with lines being recycled and all cotton used in its collections being more sustainably sourced. It will also introduce partnerships with Fairbrics and LanzaTech in 2023.

To launch its new “sportswear” collection, H&M has hired American actress Jane Fonda, known for her fitness videos, and choreographer JaQuel Knight to lead H&M’s Move campaign, with Fonda once again taking on the role of fitness instructor.

Brown added: “We offer our customers style, practicality and incredible value in multiple categories of sportswear. Combine our passion for getting everyone and anyone moving with our boosters Jane Fonda and Jaquelle Knight and we’re inspired for the journey ahead”.

H&M Move launches worldwide on August 4, with prices starting from £17.99 / €19.99.