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Jasper Conran London launches new fragrances

Jasper Conran London has launched a new fragrance collection inspired by the “best of nature” and designed to complement the brand’s aesthetic approach.

Described by the brand as “very wearable and absolutely timeless,” the fragrance collection offers five fragrances that are blended and produced in Italy with sustainably sourced cruelty-free and vegan ingredients.

To ensure that each fragrance is satisfying and has the Jasper Conran aesthetic, they are presented in simple, stylish, fully recyclable glass bottles.

Commenting on the fragrances, Jasper Conran said in a statement, “I have always appreciated how fragrances can strongly evoke memories and emotions. Using the best of nature as inspiration, I chose the perfect blend of harmonious ingredients to create a fresh, lively scent that is uplifting, soothing and rejuvenating.”

The five fragrances include orange and patchouli, which emit crisp cologne-like blood orange and lemon notes mixed with warm spices, and grapefruit and amber, an uplifting, fresh scent reminiscent of a trip to Turkey, with rose, orange blossom and red saffron.

Damask Rose is anchored by bergamot and green geranium, while Jasmine and Neroli are romantic floral notes with pepper, ginger and citrus, while Vetiver and Cardamom combine cardamom with aromatic black pepper and golden myrrh to create a musky, oakmossy scent.

Each fragrance is sold separately, 100 ml for 60 pounds, directly on