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Levi’s to relaunch SilverTab collection through Kohl’s

American brand Levi’s Open Rope is now in a limited time and has been re-launched in the 90’s SilverTab series, paralleled by Kohl’s independent retailer.

Said affiliated through Kohl’s and Levi’s on-line store provided, Renewed series comprehensive female, male and female children’s pine beef and calf apparel, every purchase has been updated.

Such a series of comprehensive manipulative underwear, cowboy hat, design T shirt, continuous hat, woolen hat, legal underwear.

Prior to January 2023, SilverTab had a prominent position in the 600-store Kohl’s store, which had a distinctive 90s style.

On the basis of the establishment of Kohl’s efforts to promote its product organization, there is a special feature in its superior Japanese style, mainly in the area of ​​beef and veal products.

“Kohl’s Chief Executive Officer Ron Murray in a newspaper article: “For many years, Kohl’s and Levi’s have been a trusted companion since the establishment of the company, and have attracted millions of Kohl’s customers nationwide. Incorporated sum series.

Quietly read. “Renewed and recommended SilverTab series is the second chapter of the history of our joint work, the first chapter of the history of the work, and the Japanese version of the new version of the Japanese edition, which has been renewed and accepted. .”