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London Fashion Week Men’s Spring/Summer 2023

A celebration of heritage and culture underpins many of the collections at London Fashion Week, reflecting the vibrancy of the host city and the experiences of the designers who reside here. The integration and fusion of dual nationalities, blending cultural history or memories of the past in fresh and contemporary ways, offers an exciting new perspective on Britishness and the multicultural experience.

Priya Ahluwalia’s collection spans the entire continent, “Africa is Infinite” explores the culture, art, flora and fauna that make 54 countries in Africa unique. The collection also draws on her Nigerian and Indian heritage, incorporating Ahluwalia’s signature wavy silhouettes, soccer shirt patterns reimagined as knitted patterns, and traditional African drapery. Prints inspired by Nigerian textile patterns and jewelry accessories and headscarves from Liberia completed the culturally rich presentation.

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 Menswear

Labrum’s collection, titled “Freedom of Movement,” explored a borderless society that celebrated cultural fusion. In a fusion of African and British cultures, lightweight silhouettes were presented in yellow, pink, green or checkerboard prints and topped off with hats by London milliner Lucy Barlow. The serious message is emphasized by a playful, dandy vibe. Profits from the sale of t-shirts with symbolic and “immigrant design” prints will be donated to Choose Love, a charity that supports refugee communities around the world.

London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2023 Menswear

Robin Lynch

Another designer invoking her heritage is Robyn Lynch, who drew inspiration from one of her mother’s 1980s holiday souvenir T-shirts, which Lynch transformed into a luxurious yarn and knit iteration. Exploring her Irish roots, we see a plethora of Irish linens adapted into non-traditional work pants, as well as classic Irish Aran knitwear. Beach towel-style capes, waterproof recycled nylon and rubber crocodile sandals were perfect for a day at the beach, and a palette of olive greens, reds and yellows provided a sophisticated look for sporting vibrant colors.