New Arrivals

Longchamp launches circular handbags with end-of-roll canvas

French accessories maker Longchamp is repurposing curly tails and surplus stock to create new bags.

The luxury handbag supplier is repurposing canvas fabrics from its archives to create Le Pliage Re-Play, a new style that comes in three forms.

Colorful styles include stand-up totes, small shoulder bags and fanny packs – each combining two different colors of rolled-tail nylon canvas with a third color of Russian leather trim.

The collection is available in limited quantities, as the bags cannot be remanufactured once the canvas and leather stock is complete.

The ensuing activity involved two models pulling the last piece of canvas from their rolls of white cardboard, before turning into sticks and starting to dance.

Longchamp said that by taking the work to the end, the designs are reconciled with its ongoing commitment to reducing its carbon footprint.