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Puma returning to New York Fashion Week in September

Sporting goods giant Puma will host an immersive catwalk during New York Fashion Week in September.

Described as a “game-changing brand experience,” the show, titled “Futrograde,” will blend physical and digital, while looking back at the brand’s heritage and looking to the future.

The show, which runs on September 13, will feature collaborations and special appearances from athletes to celebrities, highlighting the Puma family in a “huge downtown space” that will be transformed by lights, music and dynamic projections.

To showcase Puma’s vision for sporty fashion, the show highlighted menswear and womenswear collections, including remixed vintage signatures, upcoming collaborations, bespoke pieces, and “an emphasis on elevated, active style and expressive personality” positioning. Puma added in a statement.

In addition to the show, Puma will showcase a digital experience that integrates interactive components to engage a global audience and further build the Puma brand in the web3 space following several collaborative projects in the first half of this year.

Adam Petrick, chief brand officer at Puma, said. “We’re excited to be back on the official CFDA/NYFW calendar. Returning to Fashion Week for the first time in several years means a lot to us because we know we need only the right combination of factors to be there.

“June Ambrose’s emphasis on digital, a great lineup of ambassadors and a great creative partner set the stage and ideas for a great show. We are delighted that this is the moment we made it a reality”.

Puma to present ‘Futrograde’ fashion show at New York Fashion Week on September 13

Puma added that collaborations from brands such as Dapper Dan, Palomo, AC Milan and Koché will be an important part of the show, with each brand interpreting the brand’s heritage in a unique way. Pieces from the Fall/Winter 2022 collection will be available immediately after the show, with other pieces coming in Spring/Summer 2023.

Puma creative director June Ambrose will also be picking up looks from current and upcoming seasons, and he’s also designed several exclusive runway shows.

Commenting on the show, Ambrose said. “My life and work are rooted in street culture, forming a relationship between urban sensibilities and the industry. When I entered the industry nearly 30 years ago, my mission was to influence generations of dreamers to be embraced by See.

“This perspective is something I bring to Puma and it reflects the mindset I had when planning the Futrograde show. I wanted to connect the emotional narrative of our lives to the fashion show through the cyclicality of fashion.” Excited by the idea; dig into the nostalgic and reimagined for the future. I hope this concept will challenge audiences to be creative with their own present while anticipating what’s next.”

“Our goal is that this experience, whether in-person or immersive, will illustrate our brand’s history and heritage through a reimagined and futuristic lens,” added Petrick.