New Arrivals

Reiss launches second collection with Castore including womenswear

Reiss and Castore jointly launched the second athletic clothing series, and the general cross-dressing men’s clothing series.

On the basis of the second collaboration, Reiss Hope is based on “modern life design” sports clothing, and on the description of the existing products, there are more technical works, and the characteristics of the Japanese women’s clothing series from the capital.

Section 18 men’s clothing Section 16 women’s clothing Combines Reiss’s Eternal Aesthetics with Reiss technology, high-end training requirements for typical Reiss tuning board production, full collection of coffee, cloud, blue, purple, lilac and Japanese flowers.

This is a zero-commercialization theory, it is a mixed style offered by each series, it is a modern combination of high-performance Japanese lifestyles, it can be worn before exercise, it can be neutralized after exercise, and it has “personal pleasant training and fashion”.

This series uses advanced technology manufacturing and manufacturing industry characteristics, and has undergone the most difficult training course. Moisture-absorbing and sweat-wicking surface material for elastic garment, highly breathable, easy-to-access adhesive joints, providing maximum compatibility. Also “rest” provided complete details.

This is a men’s commentary, the next joint work will be provided in the technical version, the fully restored shape, the contour line, and the new sweatproof design. Reiss internal design product.

The external appearance of the design is fully matched, but it is reserved for luxury and attractive mixed products, such as windproof, waterproof, and strong windproof external design. It is a perfect running equipment, so it can be worn outside of the city. It has excellent performance, dries quickly, and has a short sleeve.

Cardi’s chief creative officer Mei Mu – Cardi is in one statement. “We are in high school and junior high school in the first season, and we are in collaboration with Reiss. Seen in history, Matsumoto has a positive lifestyle, and at the same time, such a series of internal performance is the basis.”